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Multicultural Fair

Registration is now CLOSED
See you at our 1st Annual Multicultural Fair!
  • Who can participate in the Multicultural Fair?
    We warmly welcome all students to participate in sharing their heritage or simply learning more about a culture or country of interest to them. Any student in grades TK-5 is invited to complete a trifold board display.
  • Can we do a group project?
    Yes. Students may participate as individuals or in a group (2 or more students combined for a single culture/country)
  • Important Dates and Timelines.
    Detailed Dates & Timelines are listed in Page 5 of the Guidelines, Regulations & Disclosures.
  • How do I upload files after submitting the registration form?
    When you submit the registration form for the first time, a copy of the response will be sent to your email. To edit or upload files after form submission. Go to that e-mail and click " Edit Response" button.
  • How do I change a file I already uploaded?
    You can change an uploaded file by fill out a new response on the Registration form or email
  • What files would I need to upload and why?
    Please refer to page 2 " Project Guidelines" of the Guidelines, Regulations & Disclosures.
  • When is the deadline for file submission?
    Please refer to Page 5 " Dates & Timelines" in the Guidelines, Regulations & Disclosures.
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