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Who is the PFC?


The Lupin Hill PFC is our Parent Faculty Community. All parents who have children attending Lupin Hill are a part of the PFC! We, together, are a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support our children’s educational needs. We are parents, staff and teachers dedicated to improving and enhancing our students’ learning environment.

Interested in joining the PFC and take part in making your child's elementary school experience an
even greater one? Would you like to Chair a specific school event that you and your family really enjoy?
Email us at

2022/2023 Executive Board
Co-Presidents: Veronica Miller & Lori Medlin

Treasurer: Holly Gibson & Kristen Marsilio

VP Communication: Tiffany Shuttlehorn

VP Marketing & Sponsorships: Open

VP Volunteer Coordinator: Melissa McClure

VP Events Coordinator: Amberly Brown

VP Room Parent Coordinator: Sarah Parizeau

Secretary: Helen Svensson

Parliamentarian: Anne Ledis

Kindergarten Liaison: Malin McKinley
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