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Our Mission

Lupin Hill Elementary School is a public school located in Calabasas, California. With a student body of about 550 Kindergarten through 5th graders, Lupin Hill serves both local students and students that travel from outside of Calabasas. With the Lupin Hill Parent Faculty Community (PFC), the school staff and parents both share a commitment to make Lupin Hill the best that it can be.


Our Commitment and Promise to the Students of Lupin Hill Elementary!


Who We Are:  

All parents who have children attending Lupin Hill are a part of the PFC! We, together, are a non-profit organization whose purpose is to support our children’s educational needs. We are parents, staff and teachers dedicated to improving and enhancing our students’ learning environment. Commitment to quality education is paramount at Lupin Hill Elementary. We rely on the donation of time and resources by parents, teachers, staff, neighbors and our Community Partners to make Lupin Hill the best that it can be.


What We Do:  

Through community outreach and fundraising efforts, we are able to provide programs that help enrich the lives of every student here at Lupin Hill, such as:  PE, Music, Art, Technology, Classroom Grants, Family Events, Library books and school supplies, etc. But we’re more than just a fundraising organization.  We are also volunteer parents who help support our teachers and students – in the classroom, on the playground, thru recycling and green Initiatives, and on field trips and more. We host community events like our Annual Welcome Event, Family Science Night and Dances, Jogathon, Spring Fiesta and Restaurant Nights.  And we have fun doing it!


Why Lupin Hill?  

Because we’re your neighborhood school!  Neighborhood schools are good for property values, good for the community and most importantly, good for our kids. We’re experiencing an unprecedented wave of positive momentum here at Lupin Hill. We’ve seen incredible growth in our parent involvement, fundraising, community-building and campus improvements.

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