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Our 2019 Jogathon event is Friday, March 22. 

To sign your student up for the event and bring in pledges, go to:

Students will earn prices as below;

Collect $10………Get a FREE Sharky's Kids Meal and a Space Pencil

Collect $30……… Get above + galaxy slime and a Space Shuttle Eraser

Collect $50………Get above + a Special Edition Glow in the Dark Jogathon T-Shirt

Collect $150+……… Get all pf the above + a Galaxy Backpack filled with Space Themed Goodies


The top earning class will get a Pizza Party as well as inflatable space shuttle toys and a space themed goody bag for every student in the class. 

Each class is learning about a specific space topic, these facts will then be presented to the other students during Friday morning assemblies, see topics below;

Klein - Space Shuttles, Rice - Astronauts, Dysthe - Earth’s Moon, Santana - Planet Earth, Lyon - The Sun, 
Adams - Mercury, Kalbfeld - Venus, Stock - Mars, Kurzeja - Jupiter, Finlay - Saturn, Hughes - Neptune, 
Yeary - Stars, Garrison - Comets, Arcudi - Asteroids, Sokolovskyy - Galaxies, Loeb - The Milky Way, 
Hedin - Space Rovers, LaChapelle - NASA, Wurtzel - Constellations, Ball - Space Stations, 
Mitteldorf - Black Holes, Stueckle - Satellites

The kids LOVE to have lots of familiar faces cheer them on!  Here is the list of times the kids will be running for the Jogathon. Please inform the parents in your class so they can come and be a part of this fun-filled day. Please make sure your student brings a reusable water-bottle, Bristol Farms will be supplying the students with oranges and GoGo Squee will be suppling all students with Apple Sauce! (NOTE! The field might be wet in the morning, it would be great if you could send your students with a change of socks/shoes) 


8:35 - 9am - T/K and Kindergarten

9 - 9:25am - 1st Grade

9:25 - 9:50am - 2nd Grade

10:30 - 11am - 3rd Grade

11 - 11:30am - 4th Grade

11:30 - 12pm - 5th Grade


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